We strongly encourage our clients to read and adhere to our guidelines in order to ensure a positive experience and avoid any unnecessary surprises.


Clients must return the vehicle clean. If a vehicle is returned requiring more than standard cleaning, you will be charged an excessive cleaning fee.


Smoking of any kind in our vehicles is strictly prohibited under any circumstances. In the event that evidence of smoking is found, a $250 smoking fee will be assessed and the guest may be permanently banned from our platform. We kindly ask that you respect this policy.

Gas and Fuel

Please ensure that the vehicle is returned with the same fuel level as provided initially. Clients are required to keep all gas receipts clearly reflecting the correct fuel grade inside the center console or glove compartment of the vehicle. Failure to keep such receipts will result in a $50 fee. Clients will be 100% responsible for any damage caused due to the usage of incorrect fuel grade.


At the end of the trip, clients will receive an invoice for all tolls incurred during their booking period. We will provide a statement with details listing the date, time, and cost of each incurred toll during your trip. As an added benefit of our world-class service, toll invoices under $5 will be waived and no extra fees for using our toll pass. All vehicles in The RICE Fleet are pre-equipped with our business toll pass transponder ready for use. 

Airport Parking Fees

Please note that for any airport deliveries at Orlando International Airport (MCO), the initial parking fee is your responsibility. The first 20 minutes are free of charge. Afterwards, the fees for parking may range from $2-$19. We will, however, be responsible for the parking fee upon your return of the vehicle to the airport.

Delivery Fees

Delivery can be arranged to a custom address located within a 5-mile radius of our lot for$120 USD.


We take great lengths on servicing and maintaining our fleet. Our vehicles are regularly inspected and meticulously maintained. No inconveniences or hassles during your trip. The only thing you need to worry about is making the most out of your trip!


Please note all of our vehicles are equipped with advanced vehicle tracking systems. While we are not legally obligated to disclose this, we would like to do so out of respect to our guests. We do not actively track the vehicle or micromanage our clients. Our primary concerns are vehicle theft, excessive reckless speeding, and for insurance purposes. We also like to keep portable Tile trackers with the key fobs solely to prevent loss of keys. Our luxury and exotic vehicles are not serviceable by “emergency” locksmiths. Only flagship dealerships can program additional keys for our vehicles in the event that a key fob is lost. A replacement key fob for most of our vehicles can cost up to $800 and takes at least 3-5 business days.

For all questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our team.